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From 10 am till 9 pm - Ana & Gonçalo


From 10 am till 9 pm - Ana & Gonçalo


From 10 am till 9 pm - Ana & Gonçalo


From 10 am till 9 pm - Ana & Gonçalo


From 10 am till 9 pm - Ana & Gonçalo


From 10 am till 9 pm - Gonçalo


From 10 am till 9 pm - Ana & Gonçalo


First criptomoeda created in 2009 Criptocurrency (Digital currency) – It is a medium of exchange that uses blockchain technology and encryption to ensure the validity of transactions and the creation of new currency units.

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Cryptomanced exchange platform.

Holding company, a company term that designates a form of a company created with them to manage a group of companies (conglomerate). The holding manages and owns the majority of the shares or quotas of the companies that are part of a particular group. This form of society is widely used by medium and large companies and is usually aimed at improving the capital structure, or is used as part of a partnership with other companies or the labour market.

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Initial Coin Offering

It is a form of financial investment, formed by the union of several investors who come together to make a financial investment and do not have legal personality, and being constituted as such a condominium, aiming at a certain objective or expected return, dividing the revenues generated and the necessary expenses for the enterprise. The administration and management of the fund are carried out by contracted specialists. The administrators the legal and legal aspects of the fund, the managers of the portfolio assets, aiming for the highest possible profit with the lowest level of risk.

(Wikipedia, the 21.03.2018)

In crypto language, a masternode is a special form of a node that helps increase transaction speeds in a blockchain network with clear advantages for the network. At the, however, the most well-known benefit of a Masternode is that a portion of the mining is allocated to the Masternode Holders; and this reward can range from 10 to 90% of the total blocks, depending on the currency chosen to mine in POS system. To host a Masternode, one must set aside a fixed amount of coins of a given criptocurrency that sometimes is expensive. That is an investment in this currency will always be necessary. That
cost value can reach hundreds of thousands of US Dolar.

Is a MIZE product that enables and enables anyone to participate with a very affordable value in this form of having benefits.

Term referred to as one of the parties in which the capital of a company is divided anonymous .
Anyone who owns shares of a company can be considered as the owner.

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