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Who are we – Where are we?

We always imagined travelling, to know the world and its people. Sometimes we take time and time to find something that fills us, that fills our hearts and that leaves a legacy to the world. We are sure that because we have always had this desire within us, we have attracted the right people on time and that they presented us with this extraordinary project where we are starting our dream. We meet new people every day and are inspired by many of them. Travel around the world, contact with different cultures while creating true bonds of friendship, it is now a reality. As a consequence of this great opportunity, we will transform our lives and our families. We also want to share this possibility with all those who want to join us. We are sure that our dream is like many of those we meet every day. Let’s grab this opportunity and make it the vehicle of change!

Let’s smile at life so that it gives us a big smile! Let’s live life as it deserves to be lived!


We want to evolve and reform with prospects of future projection.
The cryptocurrency is changing the world. The greatest transference in history is happening, we aspire to be part of this change!
We want to make a profit, based on learning, human, financial, social and organizational relationships.
We bet on the mutual help in the multilevel market.


Transmit knowledge, find solutions and monetize our free time.
We want to diversify in the world of Cryptotube and Blockchain technology!
Our purpose is to make a profit in the short, medium and long-term.
We have a solid, dynamic and well-structured team.
Together we are stronger!


Integrity, ethics, respect and sustainability are our way of being in society.

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