In Cuba with Mize …
Making a career with Mize is the accomplishment of a few more steps in the way of realizing our Dreams! Reaching a plateau where Mize offers us a trip was what happened to me! I’ve been with Mize and about 50 Mizers, from many corners of this wonderful planet in Cuba. I will describe in a few words the meaning of this extraordinary journey with the certainty of
that only when the same happens to you will feel this emotion, this joy and this gratitude for Mize to have entered your lives! Being in Cuba has to do with acquiring knowledge. Not only do we deepen the information we have on the world of crypto-coins and the blockchain, but we are also presented with training in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), as well as other techniques that provide us with tools that enable us to be better as human beings and also better trained for the development of our work. We also have the opportunity to have a privileged contact with the reality of the company, namely regarding its legality and transparency and objectives, to live with its owners and its team and also to acquire product information. On this specific trip, we were introduced to Powernodes which is a Mining Club that offers the possibility to anyone to participate, and also other products that Mize will soon put at the disposal of all of us. All this transmission of information and all the conviviality in these moments was excellent. I can
To say that I felt I was in the right place, there was a certain time! However my friends, Mize is much more than that! At Mize I came across something unique! Beautiful and exceptional people who filled my heart! For the first time in my life I found who knows what it is to work for the same goal in the Network world. It does not matter if you’re on my team or any other team.
We are here because we want to make Mize the best Network company in the world while we become better people with lives easier to live.
This feeling of unity and family makes me feel 1000% with Mize! So here I am, openly, to say that we count on all those who want to come and be part of this unique possibility that is already transforming our lives! If you are one of the many who want to belong to this world, great! We are here for you and for you!

When & Where

June 16th to June 23rd 2018 at Varadero Beach Hotel


7 days all included


14 Nationalities and 52 attendees